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More than 20 years ago, a group of visionaries gave generously to launch Concordia International School Shanghai. These founders envisioned a top academic school, founded on faith-based values, where leaders would care for each student & educate the whole child.


In 2018, Concordia launched the Concordia Fund to continue the legacy of giving. Today’s fund supports meaningful outreach & innovative enrichment programs that benefit all Concordia students.



“‘Concordia’ is a Latin word for harmony, shared Dr. Drew Gerdes, Early Childhood Principal. “Being in harmony within our community means participating and contributing. My wife, Valerie, and I know that by contributing to the Concordia Fund, we are doing something amazing, in partnership with others!”

“Concordia在拉丁语里是和谐的意思。在社区中保持和谐意味着参与和奉献,我和我的妻子Valerie深深的知道,通过对Concordia教育发展基金的捐款,是在与他人一起做一些了不起的事情!” 学前部校长-Dr. Drew Gerdes

“ 滴水汇成小河,小河汇成大江,大江汇成大海,积少成多的爱心会换来孩子们阳光般的笑容。我很庆幸,我为孩子选择了一所有爱的学校,在得到的同时也希望用我的行动来让孩子懂得感恩和回报的意义。支持Concordia,为学校基金贡献一份爱心! ” 家长-韩娇

“The dripping water merges into a small river, the small river merges into the river, and the big river merges into the sea. Together we create a lot of love to benefit our children. I am very fortunate to choose a school full of love for my children. I also hope that my actions will help my children to understand the meaning of gratitude and in turn show thankfulness through their own actions and contribute,” Emma Han, Concordia Parent

“Together we can do great things.” Mother Theresa


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Twenty new enrichment & outreach initiatives were supported by the Concordia Fund in 2018-2019. Here is a sample. For more details on these and all projects, visit


  • Elementary Outdoor STEM Classroom-小学部室外STEM教室
  • AQI Sensor Project for whole school-全校范围内AQI空气质量监测仪开发制作
  • Jordan Hattar, guest speaker for High School Storytelling Agency class-嘉宾Jordan Hattar为高中部学生做关于数据解读方面的交流分享
  • Shining Star Book Project by Middle students-中学部学生为星爱共同成长项目编排教材
  • Outdoor Basketball Hoops for Middle School-初中部室外篮球架
  • Early Childhood Play Area-学前部游乐场
  • Two Service Trips to Guangdong for Left-Behind Children with Shining Star-2次前往广东进行关爱留守儿童的服务之旅
  • Library project with Reading Hope-Reading Hope图书馆项目援建项目
  • Outdoor Rooftop Classroom Deck for Elementary, Middle, and High School-小学、中学、高中部楼顶户外教室项目
  • Middle School Organic Farming Project-中学部有机农场项目

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